From August 13 to 15, the limited space work safety branch of China Occupational Safety and Health Association, Beijing Institute of labor protection science, participated in the 21st China environmental protection expo (Shanghai Station), focusing on the theme of "limited space, unlimited risk, care for life, care for safety", bringing rich and wonderful public welfare publicity performances to the audience.
Demonstration of safety protection equipment
The exhibition site of the labor protection office vigorously publicizes the necessary safety protection equipment, standardized operation process and correct emergency rescue methods for limited space operation by playing safety publicity videos, carrying out practical operation demonstration and on-site explanation, and issuing publicity materials.
On site communication 1
On site communication 2
A large number of visitors showed great interest in the safety performance in limited space. The booth was full of people, the atmosphere was warm, and the interaction was positive. The performance was well received.
Equipment display and observation
During the exhibition, researcher Liu Yan, director of occupational hazard control technology center, was invited to give a keynote speech entitled "limited space operation safety" at the annual meeting and forum of pipeline inspection and repair professional committee of China Municipal Engineering Association, sharing the latest situation and trends in the field of limited space operation safety, which attracted wide attention and resonance from the participants.