In the early morning of April 23, Tian Xiaodong, the project manager of Yushu project of the fourth company of China Railway Erju group, drove to the construction site of xiaxiaxiu because he needed to rush to the seven construction sites of xiaxiaxiu herdsman's house to solve the difficulties encountered in the construction. Out of his professional habit, Tian Xiaodong, who just got on the off-road vehicle, put his safety helmet on his head, but he didn't know that his careless action saved his life, When the car was 27 kilometers away from xiaxiaxiu, because it was a continuous turn and the snow the night before, the road was wet and slippery. The roadside guardrail that the car broke through lost control and fell on the roadside grass after two laps. Tian Xiaodong, who was wearing a safety helmet, saved his life when he hit his head continuously, but the helmet was seriously deformed because of the continuous impact, Because there was no mobile phone signal at the site of the accident, Tian Xiaodong walked 3 kilometers to the signal area. First, he called Feng Wanquan, Secretary of the project department, and sent people to rescue immediately. Then he called his wife to report that he was safe. After learning of the accident, Tian Xiaodong's wife asked him to go down the mountain immediately and not work in Yushu. However, Tian Xiaodong replied that he was still needed to work in Yushu and he could not leave After waiting for an hour, Tian Xiaodong was sent to the hospital in Xining by the rescue vehicle behind him. He recovered soon. 13 days later, Tian Xiaodong returned to his post in Yushu, continued his selfless construction assistance work, and encouraged the staff to participate in Yushu construction assistance selflessly. The red helmet also witnessed Tian Xiaodong's work in Yushu Unit danger and drips. In May 2013, Tian Xiaodong won the "National May Day Labor Medal" for his excellent work and selfless spirit, which was recognized by the masses in Yushu.